Desvio Coletivo is a network of creators in a contemporary theatrical scene that works in the border zone between theater, performance and urban intervention. 

Through the creation of performance, shows and scenic interventions in different urban spaces, the group develops actions that generate islands of ephemeral disorder of critical nature. Since 2011, the group has been researching collaborative scenic creation, aiming at experimenting with different modalities of sensorial, dialogical and creative participation of the viewer, displacing its conventional role, whether as an actor, co-creator of the scenic speech or as a member of a psychophysical immersion atmosphere.

Artistic direction: Marcos Bulhões and Priscilla Toscano Production: Leandro Brasilio and Marie Auip (Sofá Amarelo Production and Art) Legal Counsel: Leandro Brasilio Performers: Leandro Brasilio, Marcos Bulhões, Marie Auip and Priscilla Toscano  Designer: Le Geek Creative Studio Academic Research and Institutional Partnership: Performative Practices Laboratory of the University of São Paulo and University of São Paulo Theater